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Jan - Mar 2011
CRP Conducts the Fifth and Final Annual Monitoring for
Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project

The Compliance Review Panel and Country Director, SLRM meeting with government officials of Sri Lanka.
The Compliance Review Panel (CRP) held the fifth and final annual monitoring of its compliance review recommendations for the Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project (STDP) on 17-21 March 2011. The CRP, supported by the Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP), visited three resettlement sites in Galle to meet with affected persons, held meetings with project stakeholders in Colombo, and met with Sri Lanka Resident Mission staff implementing the project.

The CRP also met in Manila with ADB project staff who were directly involved with the design and implementation of the project. The final annual monitoring exercise will identify lessons from CRP’s experiences over five years of monitoring to understand what went well and where CRP’s activities could be further improved.
PRC Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project
- Reflections on Compliance Review

The CRP Chair, Rusdian Lubis, and CRP Secretary, Bruce Purdue, met with the Board Executive Director representing the People's Republic of China, ADB Management, senior staff, and operations staff in January/February 2011 to obtain reflections on the conduct of the initial stages of the compliance review for the Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project. This is an important step to help the CRP to pursue a continuous improvement process and the aim is to reflect on those aspects of the case that went well together with aspects where CRP and OCRP may improve the compliance review process and contribute to a more effective system.

Accountability Mechanism Outreach in the PDMCs under Technical Assistance 7572

The CRP Secretary visited Papua New Guinea (PNG) in February 2011 to conduct a series of preliminary meetings to prepare for the forthcoming outreach program for the Pacific. Bruce Purdue also met with the University of Sydney, who are conducting a cultural background study for the first session of the outreach program. Bruce met with stakeholders, including staff of the PNG Resident Mission (PNRM), representatives from executing agencies involved in projects in health, community development, power/ electrification, civil aviation, highways and border development; representatives from development partners such as JICA, AusAID, and the European Commission; the Director, Institute of National Affairs; and Secretary, Department of Community Affairs. All participants provided valuable inputs and comments that are assisting OCRP in planning an effective outreach program in PNG. This outreach, under the strategy adopted by OSPF and OCRP, is being facilitated by PNRM.

CRP Chair addresses Tenth Biannual Meeting of FAI (Social Environment Impacts Assessment Forum) in Bandung, Indonesia

As part of CRP’s accountability mechanism outreach efforts, the Chair, Rusdian Lubis, was a guest speaker at the Tenth Biannual Meeting of the Social Environment Impacts Assessment Forum (FAI) held on 25 March 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia. The forum was sponsored by Amdal, a professional association whose objectives are to improve the policy and practice of social environmental impacts assessment in Indonesia. The Bandung meeting also hosted a public consultation on the Ministry of Environment’s new reforms to the current government policy on social environmental impacts assessment.

Mr. Lubis during his presentation in the FAI forum.                    Participants during the forum.

The FAI was very well attended with 73 participants from central and local governments, academics, consultants and private sector. A wide-range of issues were discussed including improving regulation and its administration; technical and methodological aspects of social and environmental impacts, including pollution prevention and resource degradation; resettlement and land-based legal dispute resolution; and the role of social and environmental impact assessment commissions at central and regional offices.

Rusdian Lubis gave an account of ADB’s accountability mechanism policy and the assessment of social-environmental impacts, including public consultation and grievance redress mechanisms. He also introduced ADB’s accountability mechanism websites. Ministry of Environment officials were particularly interested in benchmarking government policy with international best practices and multilateral development banks’ policies on social and environmental impacts.

Board Compliance Review Committee Meeting

The Board Compliance Review Committee (BCRC) chaired by Eduard Westreicher met on 22 February 2011. The BCRC discussed its annual report for 2010 (covering the period from 1 May to 31 December 2010), the fifth and final annual monitoring by the Compliance Review Panel (CRP) of the Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project (STDP), and the new Compliance Review Monitoring System.

The BCRC Secretary, Bruce Purdue, presented a proposal for a section on lessons identified to be included in the STDP final monitoring report. Bruce reassured the BCRC that the activities of the CRP would conform to its mandate under the Accountability Mechanism (AM) policy and that it would not duplicate the work of the Independent Evaluation Department nor would it be in conflict with the mandate of the joint Board and Management working group on the ongoing AM review. The BCRC also discussed the cost implications to the borrower and the increased risk aversion of ADB staff as a consequence of compliance reviews.

OCRP Issues a New Brochure — The Accountability Mechanism and ADB’s Private Sector Operations

The Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) issued a new brochure in January 2011—The Accountability Mechanism and ADB’s Private Sector Operations. This brochure explains the application of the Accountability Mechanism to ADB’s private sector operations, the consultation and compliance review phases, and the activities in private sector operations.

The brochure is available at:

Learning and Development Events on Accountability Mechanism

The OCRP is continuing to pursue the important work of contributing to the learning and development of staff in relation to accountability and compliance. Together with the Special Project Facilitator, the CRP Secretary presented appropriate aspects of the Accountability Mechanism to three learning and development events in the first quarter of 2011 namely, new staff induction program in January, training on involuntary resettlement in February, and training for safeguards and civil society specialists in March. OCRP is aiming to contribute further in these important L&D initiatives, and has started work on the design and development of eLearning programs in accountability and compliance.

Geoffrey Crooks
OCRP has new Associate Secretary

The Office of the Compliance Review Panel has a new Associate Secretary, Geoffrey Crooks, who joined in March 2011. Geoff was formerly a senior evaluation specialist in the Independent Evaluation Department. Before ADB he worked extensively in both public and private sectors in some 40 developed and developing economies on issues surrounding enterprise restructuring and privatization. Originally trained in agriculture, forestry and economics, he also has IT, knowledge management and strategic development skills gained as a director in several UK and international organizations.
  • Shelly Woyla Marliane, Regional Education Officer, and Adams Kaminski, Building and Wood Worker’s International, 28 January
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