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Outreach and Consultation


The Office of the Compliance Review Panel carries out outreach activities on the ADB Accountability Mechanism including the functions of the Special Project Facilitator (under the consultation phase) and the CRP (under the compliance review phase). The target audiences are ADB project beneficiaries or stakeholders including project affected people, civil society and non-government organizations, government agencies, private sector, as well as ADB staff.  The outreach is carried out through various activities such as discussions, briefings, presentations, and dissemination of information materials.


2011 program  
8th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms
22-23 June 2011

Participants in the 8th Annual meeting of IAMs
The Compliance Review Panel, Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP), and Office of the Special Project Facilitator participated in this meeting held in Washington, D.C. on 22-23 June 2011. The meeting was attended by principals and practitioners of accountability mechanisms of international financing institutions and other agencies.

IAM Symposium and Market Place

The annual meeting was followed by a one-day symposium on the Challenges of International Accountability: Lessons from Independent Accountability Mechanisms held at the American University College of Law (AUCL) on 24 June 2011. Participants and speakers of the Symposium included the IAM members as well as representatives from financial, development, civil society, nongovernment organizations, and academic communities. As part of the Symposium, OCRP co-sponsored (with the World Bank’s Inspection Panel and AUCL) a Market Place, an informal gathering during which the different IAMs showcased and provided information about their respective mechanisms to the Symposium participants.

Photos - 8th Annual Meeting

Photos - IAM Market Place

Photos - IAM Symposium


CRP Chair Attended ADB’s 44th Annual Meeting in Hanoi
3-5 May 2011

The Chair of the Compliance Review Panel, Rusdian Lubis, joined the 44th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 3-5 May 2011. The CRP Chair attended meetings organized by the NGO Forum of ADB with the civil society and nongovernmental organizations from various development countries and had the opportunity in one of those meetings to give a presentation about the ADB Accountability Mechanism (AM) and CRP’s contribution in the ongoing review of the AM policy.

Reports [pdf]


Outreach in PNG, Fiji and Tonga
April – May 2011

Group photo of participants for the outreach in Suva, Fiji
The Office of the Compliance Review Panel, Office of the Special Project Facilitator, Pacific Department and ADB’s NGO Center (NGOC) held joint outreach missions on ADB’s Accountability Mechanism (AM) in Papua New Guinea (11 and 13 April), Fiji (23-24 May 2011) and Tonga (26-27 May 2011).




Tenth Biannual Meeting of FAI (Social Environment Impacts Assessment Forum) in Bandung, Indonesia
25 March 2011

Mr. Lubis giving his presentation
The Chair, Compliance Review Panel (CRP), Mr. Rusdian Lubis, was a guest speaker during the Tenth Biannual Meeting of FAI (Social Environment Impacts Assessment Forum) held on 25 March 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia. The forum was sponsored by a professional association of Amdal (social environmental impacts assessment) practitioners whose objectives are to improve the policy and practice of Amdal in Indonesia. This meeting in Bandung also hosted a public consultation on the Government of Indonesia’s (Ministry of Environment) new reforms to the current government policy on Amdal.