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October - December 2010
ADB Board of Directors Discusses the CRP’s Report on
Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project

Longjin River in the Fuzhou project.
Source: EASS
The ADB Board of Directors discussed the Compliance Review Panel’s (CRP) report on the Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project (Loan 2176) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on 19 October 2010. Due to the refusal by the PRC authorities to allow the CRP to visit the project site, the CRP was unable to complete the review of ADB’s compliance with operational policies and procedures. The Board accepted the report, noted the CRP’s recommendation to review the site visit issue, and decided to refer that issue to the ongoing review of the Accountability Mechanism (AM). The CRP advised the requesters of the Board’s decision and provided them with copies of the report. The CRP report on the Fuzhou case is now posted in the CRP website at

The AM review, spearheaded by a joint Board/Management working group and assisted by two international experts, is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2011.
OCRP and OSPF Finalize the Accountability Mechanism Outreach Strategy

The Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) and the Office of the Special Project Facilitator (OSPF) collaborated and produced the Accountability Mechanism (AM) outreach strategy in November 2010. The strategy outlines the external and internal outreach programs aimed at broadening the understanding and increasing the accessibility of the AM to all project stakeholders – affected people, government officials in host developing member countries (DMCs), project executing and implementing agencies, co-financiers, private sector sponsors, nongovernmental organizations, civil society organizations as well as ADB Management and staff. The AM outreach strategy has three main outputs – an annual outreach program, a regional technical assistance in conducting systematic outreach, and e-learning courses for ADB staff on accountability mechanism. OCRP and OSPF will discuss the outreach strategy with the operations departments and will work with them on the program of outreach campaigns to be held in different DMCs as well as in ADB Headquarters in Manila, Philippines commencing in 2011.
OCRP Recruits the University of Sydney for its Technical Assistance on Outreach in the Pacific Developing Member Countries

The Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) has engaged the services of The University of Sydney to undertake a preliminary study on the cultural and sociological setting of the Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs) that will be used to help design outreach programs on the Accountability Mechanism in the PDMCs. The study is funded under the ADB’s Technical Assistance on Outreach for Good Governance and Development Effectiveness through the Accountability Mechanism, and the PDMCs have been selected for the pilot program. The University of Sydney commenced their work on 14 December 2010 and a report is expected in February 2011.

The outcome of the study will provide a roadmap that will help OCRP and the Office of the Special Project Facilitator, in designing outreach programs that are tailored to the needs of the PDMCs. The outreach programs will be held in consultation with the Pacific Regional Department in March/April 2011.
Rusdian Lubis
CRP Chair
Bruce Purdue
CRP Secretary
Anne Deruyttere
CRP Member
CRP and OCRP Attend a Workshop and Hold Consultation Visits to Canada and the USA

The Chair and Secretary, Compliance Review Panel (CRP), attended a workshop “Sharpening Your Teeth – Advanced Investigative Training for Administrative Watchdogs” conducted by the Ombudsman of Ontario held on 29 November to 1 December 2010 in Canada. The main areas covered by the program included: principles of excellent investigations, systemic investigations, including planning techniques, interviewing witnesses, declining an investigation, assessing evidence, report writing, and use of social and other media. The program highlighted at least three broad general elements of the work of the Ombudsman that are directly referable to the work of the CRP: first, planning and implementing an investigation; second, having a systematic approach to evidence; and third, the concept of “systemic investigations”. These three key elements could be employed by the CRP for the purposes of the Accountability Mechanism.

After the workshop, the Chair and Secretary, CRP were joined by CRP member Anne Deruyttere in various briefings and consultations in Washington, D.C. -- US Treasury, World Bank Inspection Panel, Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism of the Inter-American Development Bank (MICI-IADB), and The Tuesday Group (an informal gathering of representatives from US government and civil society that meets once a month to discuss international development issues). The CRP Chair and Secretary also visited the United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) in New York. In Washington, they gave presentations on the ADB Accountability Mechanism for the Inspection Panel and other World Bank personnel as well as to MICI-IADB staff. In New York, they met with the UNU Director and agreed to look into the prospect of working with the UNU in hosting a gathering of governance, accountability and compliance experts at about the time of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms, which will be held in Washington, D.C. in June 2011.
OCRP Issues Compliance Review: A Guide to the Compliance Review Process and Filing a Request for Compliance Review

The Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) issued on 25 November 2010 a new publication – Compliance Review: A Guide to the Compliance Review Process and Filing a Request for Compliance Review. The booklet type publication provides guidance to people affected by ADB-assisted projects on how to file a request for compliance review and explains the steps and procedures in conducting a compliance review by the Compliance Review Panel (CRP). It also provides useful information about the CRP. The publication is available at
ADB Appoints a New BCRC Member

The ADB Board of Directors appointed a new member of the Board Compliance Review Committee (BCRC), Mr. Bounleua Sinxayvolavong, a Lao national, effective 17 December 2010. His term will expire in June 2011, the same time as the other BCRC members. The BCRC approves the terms of reference in conducting compliance review and the annual monitoring reports of the Compliance Review Panel.
HIGHLIGHTS OF 2010                                                                        
  • Concluded the final annual monitoring of the Pakistan Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project (Stage III), which is the first completed five-year monitoring by the CRP under the Accountability Mechanism, and identified lessons learned (17 June);

  • Completed the penultimate annual monitoring of the Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project (2 July);

  • Finalized a report on the request for compliance review under the Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project in the People’s Republic of China (19 October);

  • Together with OSPF, conducted outreach activities in Indonesia (26-27 April); with NGOs and CSOs during ADB’s 43rd Annual Meeting in Uzbekistan (3 May); with Japanese NGOs in Tokyo in collaboration with the World Bank’s Inspection Panel (29 June); in Armenia and Georgia (together with EBRD’s Project Complaints Officer) and in Azerbaijan (7-14 September);

  • Participated in workshops and seminars convened by: Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact in Chang Mai, Thailand (19 February); Public Services International and representatives of ADB’s Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMCs) in Sydney, Australia (24-25 March); “Sharpening Your Teeth: Investigative Training for Administrative Watchdogs” in Canada (29 November-1 December); and World Bank’s Inspection Panel and Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C., USA (6 and 8 December);

  • Sponsored informal discussions for ADB Board of Directors and Management and briefings for ADB staff on Accountability Mechanism held by Dr. Maartje van Putten, member of the African Development Bank’s Independent Recourse Mechanism (5 and 8 March);

  • Held CRP meetings in Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan (24 and 27 June, respectively);

  • In collaboration with OSPF, finalized the outreach strategy on the Accountability Mechanism (10 November);

  • Obtained ADB’s approval on a small-scale regional technical assistance on Outreach for Good Governance and Development Effectiveness through the Accountability Mechanism (6 August) and engaged consulting services to undertake the pilot study in PDMCs (14 December);

  • Launched the new Compliance Review Monitoring System, a web-based system to track the implementation of CRP recommendations on compliance review cases (16 August)

  • Held IAMnet’s first online discussion on the “Use of Country Systems and Its Implications to the Accountability Mechanisms” and issued compendium of the discussions (April-June);

  • Completed the initial 12-month pilot period of the Community of Practice for Independent Accountability Mechanisms (November);

  • Published a new publication called “Compliance Review: A Guide to the Compliance Review Process and Filing a Request for Compliance Review” (25 November);

  • Published in internet a flash video on Accountability Mechanism (AM) as a prelude to the planned e-learning program on the AM (12 October);

  • Developed a new pamphlet, “The Accountability Mechanism and ADB’s Private Sector Operations”; and

  • Attended the Seventh Annual Meeting of Independent Accountability Mechanisms held in Tokyo, Japan (28-29 June).
CHALLENGES FOR 2011                                                               
  • Undertake and implement any changes resulting from the review of the Accountability Mechanism policy;

  • Complete the final annual monitoring of the remedial actions for the Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project and identify lessons learned from the operation of the Accountability Mechanism in this case;

  • Design a systematic outreach program for the PDMCs under the small-scale technical assistance on Outreach for Good Governance and Development Effectiveness through the Accountability Mechanism;

  • Continue the pilot period for the Community of Practice of Independent Accountability Mechanisms for another 12 months, including sponsoring new online discussions, recruitment of online facilitators, assisting in the information dissemination activities for the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms scheduled in June 2011;

  • Develop the e-learning courses on the Accountability Mechanism;

  • Improve the features and promote the usage of the Compliance Review Monitoring System;

  • Continue the publication of OCRP’s e-newsletter, Compliance Review Quarterly; and

  • Update the CRP and AM websites and other information dissemination publications, including the finalization of the new pamphlet on the Accountability Mechanism and ADB’s private sector operations.

  • Arnaldo Pellini, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute, 9 November 2010
  • Jessica Rosien, Advocacy Coordinator, People, Infrastructure, Environment, Oxfam Australia 010, 22 November 2010
  • Keith Thompson, Policy Adviser, Regional Development Banks, Sidney Augustin, Economist, International Financial Institutions Department, Department for International Development, 23 November 2010
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